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March Reflections - April Themes

Miss Carol & Miss Susan’s Fours’ Classes

Welcome to April!  We are looking forward to another great month of preschool with NAEYC’s “Week of the Young Child,” Easter, and all the Spring Discoveries in our midst!  As the days unfold, Spring colors our world with a myriad of emerging blossoms, flowers, leaves, and grasses – each kind in its own time.  We are hoping the children will take note of God’s beautiful world this season. Already we have enjoyed the daffodils near the playground, and now the tulips in the garden, and the dogwoods are starting to bloom.  Even the “weeds” on the church lawn have colored our days with the yellows, purples and blues dotted across the lawn…some of which the children have enjoyed picking to place in classroom vases.  Indoors, the children are making their own colors, as they engage in tracing, cutting, and painting Easter eggs for hallway displays.  The three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow), plus white are being presented… and, well…their colors are beautifully unique!

Additional outdoor experiences have found the children listening and looking for the birds, many of which are happily singing this Spring. Lately, a turkey vulture flies relatively low overhead as if he is curious about who we are.  In addition to visiting the playground, both classes have placed a bird helper (nesting materials) in the garden area and observed daffodils and tulips blooming there. Walks around the church grounds and along the Nature Trail have found us noting potential animal habitats, nesting materials, and emerging vegetation.  The more recently fallen tulip poplar trees near the trail offered a “playground” for the children to climb and balance as they walked across the huge trunks.  The underside of the enormous root system was interesting too…and we wondered what creatures might live there.  Other discoveries, not often found, began with a sealed clay structure stuck to the shelf at the garden.  We removed it to discover a mud dauber undergoing metamorphosis…and along the open end of the trail, we discovered two praying mantis egg sacs on a small, bare sweet gum tree, plus another on a nearby Virginia pine!  The MWF also explored the ground hog den near third base line of the ball field. The ground hog is definitely out of hibernation…and we hope it will not visit the class garden. 

March reflections presented books by featured author/illustrator, Dr. Seuss, to include Bartholomew and the Oobleck, after which the TTh Class enjoyed a time of making and playing in “oobleck!”  What messy fun!  Also, both classes enjoyed making green eggs after reading Green Eggs and Ham.  Other books by Dr. Seuss included:  The Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (thanks, Lily), Hop on Pop, and A Great Day for Up!  Additional Books read to both classes were:  The Runaway Pancake, My Goose Betsy, The Owl and the Woodpecker, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Who Took the Farmer’s Hat, Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Swamp Song, A Nest Full of Eggs, B-I-N-G-O and The Magpie’s Nest.  MWF Only: Pet Show, Regards to the Man in the Moon, Pete the Cat Robo-Pete (Thanks Jackson), Whistle for Willie, You Are Special, It Is the Wind, Pete the Cat the Great Leprechaun Chase, The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings, Make Way for Ducklings, Caps for Sale, Ducks Don’t Get Wet, and A Seed Is Sleepy.  TTh Only:  Cat, You Better Come Home and The Three Bears.

New Songs:  I Wish I Were a Windmill, Q-U-I-E-T, S-P-R-I-N-G (MWF), Ten Little Blue Birds (MWF),Ten Little Daffodils (TTh), Ten Little Blue Jays (TTh), Nursery Rhyme Rap, plus the children played “sticks” (tapping pencils) to Hap Palmer’s Woodpecker song copying varied rhythms the woodpecker taps.

Classroom activities last month included a continuation of painting birds on the easel, making bird feeders, working with “nest helpers,” numerous journal entries, graphing, tallying, making class murals for Family Night display, painting on canvas for Family Night display, making kites, enacting a hatching out of an egg, self-portraits (writing first and last name), making shadow puppets (MWF), making a class book (“What We Do at Preschool” for a group of visiting preschool staff), and drawing a story book (TTh).  The children also continued with Brown Bear (MWF) and Harry the Turtle (TTh) Journal Show & Share times.  Some children have also brought in interesting nature treasures and books to share.  (Thanks, Talynn, for bringing your baby chicks!)  

March special visitors featured Ann Lee, “The Snake Lady,” with her reptiles – bald pythons, a corn snake, a bearded dragon, and a gecko.  The children loved it!  Thanks, Ann!  Special classroom visitors included Jackson Myers (first grader, former preschool student) reading Pete the Cat Robo Pete to MWF Class and the children LOVED it as well!  Also, Lily Muckler stopped by to help one day and read several books to the MWF Class… all LOVED having Lily with us!  And, our preschool was honored to have staff from Alexis Baptist Preschool visit March 8th.  We hope they will visit again.  Thanks everyone!

We are looking forward to April’s celebrations and activities.  “Pajama Day” will find the children enacting Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed followed by Ten in a Bed (from which we will make a class book).  MWF class will probably work with “oobleck” on “Wacky Tacky Day.”  Both classes will draw themselves and have a Show & Share during Circle Time.  And, special painting activities will be featured on “Tie-Dye Day.”  Making Easter cards for parents and dyeing real eggs are planned for the Easter Celebration as is an egg hunt on the ball field (parents, see calendar for details).  Just this week, we planted carrot seeds in the garden and will be adding more as the month progresses.  Also, this week, the children are working on making puzzle words, saying the letters of each word, then writing the words. We continue to work on last name recognition and clapping syllables, counting, adding, greater than, less than, and equal during Circle Time Job Helper listing. A little practice with word families has been introduced as well. Stay tuned for more as the month progresses…!

As always, we wish to thank everyone for your continued support of our preschool program.  Have a Happy Easter! 

Note:  In the upcoming weeks, we will be talking about butterflies and caterpillars.  Here is a useful link some may enjoy:  





























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