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April Reflections - May Themes

Miss Carol & Miss Susan’s Fours’ Classes

          Wow!  The final month of preschool is already here, and there are so many favorite activities and themes yet to explore!  May finds the children continuing to enjoy outdoor activities.  Additional seeds are being added in the garden – most recently, pumpkin and corn (special varieties of corn from Pam Dry – thanks, Pam!) - while watching previously planted bean, corn, and zinnia plants grow taller by the day.  A small radish patch is almost ready to pull from the ground, and we think the carrot tops are being eaten by a garden rabbit spotted by TTh Class in April; it seemed almost tame! Indoors, Miss Susan planted tomato seeds with each of the children, which are now ready to send home (thanks, Susan!).  Varied creatures, especially birds, have been observed this spring – and, surprisingly, a turkey vulture has come unusually close to the children twice…in April, approaching us to perch on top of the nearby light pole - seemingly just to watch the children play below in puddles for a lengthy time; this past week a turkey vulture landed in our midst while the children were playing on the ball field. Could it be the same one? Also, while on the ball field, some of the children searched for the garter snake Miss Ashley discovered while hiding Easter eggs for the TTh class. No snake was found on their search; however, we delighted to find numerous beautiful tulip poplar blooms on the ground.  The children gathered the blooms to place in bowls for display in the classroom.  Flowers have been a highlight of discoveries this spring, ranging anywhere from the little yellow dandelion blooms to the brilliant colors of garden tulips, as well as the vibrant daffodils and first azaleas along the walkways near the playground.  The purple and yellow irises and pink and white dogwoods have delightfully colored our days too!  The MWF Class had photos made, two children at a time, climbing a beautiful dogwood tree. Additionally, drawing and painting flowers in the classroom have been favorite activities.  The children painted daisies on canvas as Mother’s Day gifts.  We hope all the moms enjoyed their special gifts and cards – Happy Mother’s Day!  The remainder of May will find the children exploring symmetry as we paint beautiful butterflies.  We are hoping the garden zinnias will soon bloom to attract butterflies to observe before year’s end, and well into the summer program.  As preschool graduation approaches, the children will be painting self-portraits to display on graduation night.  They are practicing the songs for graduation with Miss Amy too!  (Thanks, Amy!)  

           April reflections and the first days of May were filled with a number of activities and themes to enjoy.  The Week of the Young Child featured Pajama Day, Wacky Tacky Day, and Tie-Dye and Hat Day.  On Pajama Day the children used Teddy Grahams at lunch to practice subtraction as we chanted Ten in Bed, eating one teddy at a time as it rolled off the “bed.”  Afterwards, the class dramatized Ten in a Bed by having everyone lie on a blanket placed on the floor for a bed, and rolling off one at a time following the lines of the chant. Photos were made for a class book to be published at year’s end. Wacky Tacky Day found each of the children having a Show & Share time telling about how they were dressed.  Most also drew pictures of themselves in journals.   Tie-Dye and Hat Day was fun too, but the highlight was the baby chicks Talynn brought for the class to see and hold.  The children loved it! Thanks, Talynn!  A number of other nature treasures were brought in as well!  Ryker’s included baby salamanders, bird nests, a type of centipede, and a large cocoon that he had saved since October.  Since the cocoon had not shown signs of life inside for quite a lengthy time, we carefully opened it to see what was inside, only to discover it really was still alive!  So, Miss Carol sent it back for Miss Bobbie (a nurse:) to figure out how to save the creature.  And she did, by wrapping it in a leaf!  We learned through a text Friday night that a large beautiful moth had emerged from the cocoon and it was doing well!  Other children brought in treasures as well, to include Luke’s deer antlers found in Kentucky!  Feathers, sprouted seedlings, cocoon casings, bugs, feathers, and more have been featured as well.  Thanks everyone!  (Photos from April and May with additional activities, specific books, and songs will be included in the class E-mails later this week.)

          Books enjoyed in April (and so far in May) included:  Who Took the Farmer’s Hat?, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, A Poet’s Bird Garden, The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners (Thanks, McLain), Max and the Chocolate Chicken, The Easter Egg Farm, God Bless Our Easter, Waiting for Wings, and A Beaver Tale.  MWF only:  The Cardinal and the Crow, Lucky Ducklings, Moo!, Wacky Wednesday, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut, Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise, Does God Know How to Tie Shoes?, What Is Symmetry?, Fly, Butterfly, Secrets of Camouflage, It’s a Shape, and Welcome, Brown Bird.  TTh only:  A Duckling Is Born, A Seed Is Sleepy, Kitten’s First Full Moon, Compost Soup (an alphabet book), Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg, The Little Red Hen (thanks, Talynn), Daisy-Head Maizy, Ducks Don’t Get Wet, An Extraordinary Egg, Katy No-Pocket, and Busy Bee’s Day  

          Some of the many songs/chants have included: Nursery Rhyme Rap, Ten in a Bed, I Wish I Were a Windmill, My God Is So Big, Oh What a Miracle, B-U-N-N-Y, Ten Little Easter Eggs, Ten Little Birdies, This Is the Song that Never Ends (thanks, Miss Katherine), I Love Eggs, Kindergarten Here We Come, and more graduation songs. 

`         Some activities included:  Journal entries in classroom and outdoors, picnic at pavilion (MWF), dyeing Easter eggs, Easter egg hunt, sound eggs activity, word puzzles and writing words, making Easter Cards and Mother’s Day Cards, painting gift and treat bags, making Mother’s Day gifts, clay (MWF), “mint soup” in sensory table (TTh), nature walks around the church yard and ball field, and gardening.  Friday’s class featured Miss Ashley and McLain reading together the book – I Don’t Want to be a Frog!.  McLain read almost all the parts of the young frog and her Mom read the rest!  Great reading, McLain!

          Our year has been wonderfully special due to the interests and contributions of the children and parents!  As we close with this final newsletter, special thanks go to all who have supported us.  There were many volunteers for the recent Easter celebrations, and we thank all who made contributions and/or attended.  Thanks go to Miss Hiliary, Miss Rose, and Miss Jill for your Stretch-n-Grow, Kids Love Music, and Chapel Time fun too!  And, the children have been blessed with great substitutes throughout year!  The support from Miss Amy, fellow staff, and preschool board members is most appreciated as well.  It’s been a wonderful year together.  The children have delighted us with their great love for life and learning…high energy and enthusiasm!  We loved it!  Thank you again – children, families, fellow staff, and church family!   We hope you have a fantastic summer.  Happy Kindergarten Year (and beyond…) to the graduates!  We love you!











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