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General Rules and Policies


Required Personal Items

Parents with children requiring diapers and/or pull-ups must provide them.  We ask that the parents provide a labeled individual box of diaper wipes to be kept at the facility if their child is using diapers.

All children should bring a book bag or tote labeled with their name to help transport any art work, papers, dirty clothes, etc.

All children are required to wear shoes.  For safety reasons, please do not send your child in crocs, flip-flops, or sandals. 

Please dress your child appropriately for play.  We learn through playing which includes gluing and painting.  We try to be careful, but we also stress independence with classroom activities and accidents happen.  Teachers prefer that girls not wear body suits as they pose difficulty at bathroom time.

All children need a seasonal change of clothes and socks to be left in the classroom.  These need to be in a ziploc bag with your child’s name clearly marked.  They will be kept at the center to be used if the child’s clothing becomes soiled or wet.  We will notify you when change of season requires change of clothes.  

The two year olds are to bring a diaper bag with a change of clothes daily.

Toys should not be brought to class except by the request of the teacher.  They tend to cause problems between children or may be lost or broken.  If needed, "comfort" toys or security blankets may be brought in the first few weeks of preschool.



The children are learning to be independent.  The food they bring needs to be something they can feed themselves, is not too messy, and does not need to be heated or cooked.  We stress good nutrition and will encourage children to eat protein and fruit before sugary snacks.
We are aware that your child may eat whole grapes or similar foods at home, but we ask that this type of food be halved/cut in order to avoid choking.  Please remember to provide a drink.  If you forget a drink, we will provide either water or a juice box to your child.
We do celebrate birthdays at preschool, so you are welcome to bring something in for the class.


Our Discipline Policy

Children learn by working out their disagreements.  We try to handle all situations in the classroom first.  If we find that this doesn’t work, we then redirect the child to other areas of the room.  If the problem continues, "Time Out" will be used and parents will be notified if their child continues with the disruptive behavior.

If the child’s teacher and the director believe that a child’s behavior is uncontrollable, the child’s parent/guardian will be called and will be expected to come to the preschool to discipline the child.  Corporal punishment is strictly forbidden even if the parent is willing to permit others to discipline the child.

If repeated cases of uncontrollable behavior occur, the director will provide a verbal/written warning to the parent.  If the child’s behavior does not improve to a satisfactory level, as determined by the teacher and director, the director will dismiss the child. 

We will make every effort to make your child’s preschool experience safe and fun in a loving environment.  



Excessive and/or aggressive biting will not be tolerated at preschool.  If serious biting occurs (deep teeth marks, bruising or bleeding), the child will be discretely dismissed from our program for the safety and well being of the other children.

Persistent and unresolved behavior problems are also grounds for dismissal.  After every effort has been made following our guidelines for discipline the child will be discretely dismissed from our program.

Consistent late or unpaid tuition is cause for dismissal.  Speak with the director before this becomes a problem.


Mt Pleasant is a Safe Sanctuary Church

Mt. Pleasant has long been an advocate of children and recognizes their uniqueness as individuals and as children of God.  We are committed to providing a nurturing, safe environment free from emotional, physical and sexual abuse.  All staff working with children are carefully screened.  This includes our preschool teachers, assistants, Sunday School teachers and anyone working with the youth of the church.  Criminal background checks are required.  Teachers receive annual training in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid.    


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