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January News

 Ms Chrissy & Ms Kristen


February is a sweet month here at school. We begin the month with “Ground Hog’s Day”. Then.... we begin with the celebration of LOVE. We have so many examples of love and friendship around us. We read love stories, sing friendship songs and create sweet projects.  Our kiddos (7 total) are invited to bring their Valentines to share with others on Wednesday, February 14th.  We are going to have a pizza party and valentine exchange and make ourselves a sweet treat!  Please feel free to party with us!!!  Instead of a sign-up sheet, we are asking for a $2 donation, if possible, to pay for the pizza and party supplies.

Thanks for sharing your children with us!  xoxoxoxo,  Ms Chrissy & Ms Kristen



Dates to Remember

2/5 Preschool Registration Open for 2018/19

2/7 Dental Health Assembly

2/12:  Stretch-n-Grow

2/21:  Chapel Time

2/28:  Kids Love Music


 February is National Dental Month and here are a few helpful tips…

Get an Early Start -Establish a regular tooth care regimen.

Begin Brushing -You should begin brushing your

mouths. Use a soft child-sized tooth brush and water to start, being sure to get into the back of the mouth where food can lodge in molars.

Introducing Toothpaste -After age 3, you can add a pea-sized bit of toothpaste to your routine.

The most important things are getting to all the tooth surfaces, especially in the back.

Brushing right before bed is especially important because at night there is no saliva or jaw movement to help sweep away food particles.


Happy Brushing!

Hand in Hand together we can!


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